fucking cheerleaders, man.

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can you add me and IM me on skype it's pretty important username is gdollar2899

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I think you shouldn't delete this blog. More so just leave it as it as a great catalogue of misfits gifs and screenshots. My opinion anyway :)

hmm, okay! 

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Hey guys!

So, I (Jaya) have been looking after this blog for a couple years now, and recently, I haven’t really kept it up. 

Now that Misfits is over, I think I’m going to delete this blog, and fairly soon, too.

I know I still have a great number of followers and I thank you all for following this blog for so long!

It’s just that the show is over and there won’t really be newer material coming out soon or anything.

I’m so sorry! Do you guys really prefer me to stay and continue to reblog misfits stuff? I know my blog isn’t really super popular and there’s other misfits blogs still out there.

I’d still post misfits gifs and edits but they’d just be through my personal blog (



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Misfits - Season 5 Episode 7